8 Factors That Keep You from Getting A Small Business Loan 

8 Factors That Keep You from Getting A Small Business Loan 

Small business loans are incredibly popular. It’s increasingly necessary to borrow money to get a business off the ground. However, it’s important to remember that taking on a loan is a huge responsibility, and you must ensure it’s something you’re able to do. Juggling repayments with everyday business expenses can be overwhelming so it’s best to approach the idea with a clear mind. So, what things can prevent you from getting a small business loan? 

No Business Plan 

Despite what you might think, lenders look for business plans. Without a business plan, business finance may be a lot tougher to find. It’s strange and you wouldn’t think every lender would need one. While some won’t require a business plan, many will. The problem is that few business owners have a solid plan in place. If you sort this issue out, you’re more likely to get approval.  

You Make the Loan Process Emotional  

You must think like a banker. You must turn the situation around and think about how you’d react to your loan application if you were a lender. Does it have merit? Does it look profitable? Or does it lack detail? Unfortunately, far too many people think emotionally over small business loans rather than like a lender. If you can reverse the process, you may be able to create a stronger loan application that shows how much of a business mind you have. 

A Poor Credit Rating and History 

One of the simplest things that’ll prevent you getting a loan, is credit. Despite what lenders say, they take an awfully close look at your credit rating and history. That could result in your business finance application being rejected. It’s not ideal but it’s the sad truth of lending. If you don’t have your credit in shape, then it’s going to be difficult to get approval anywhere.  

No Organization 

Lenders do not want to see poor organization. This shows them you have zero control over the business and may feel you’re not the best monetary risk. Lenders look at all aspects, so you must ensure you’re fully organized so that you’re approved for small business loans. It’s a lot of hard work but it can be achieved.   

Sending Dozens of Business Finance Applications Out 

Often, people assume they’re better to send dozens of loan applications, they’ll have more success. Unfortunately, that sends out a bad signal. Every time you apply for a loan, it gets noted on your credit history and that spells disaster. Lenders will say if you’re applying for so many loans, you’re not going to be able to repay them all. Don’t make this mistake, instead of applying for several small business loans at once, apply for one at a time.  

Little to No Cash Flow 

Zero cash flow is a major problem for any business. If you don’t have this, lender might class you as a high-risk borrower. It’s difficult to change this situation around, however, you need to look at ways to increase cash flow within your business. Remember, business finance options are opened more when companies have decent cash flow.  

Not Shopping for A Suitable Lender 

Small business loans come in many forms and you could look at a dozen different lenders. Unfortunately, many business owners don’t do any sort of research on the matter. Most look at the first lender they see. That’s a major mistake because the lender mightn’t off you what you need. The wrong lender could ensure you fail to get approval for a loan.  

No Expert Help 

What do you know about business finance? What expert advice have you received? Sometimes, this can make all the difference. You might find it tougher to get approval for a business loan if you go in half-ready. If you don’t know what your current financial situation is or what route is best, it spells disaster.  

Be a Good Risk 

Lenders want to see borrowers who are good risks. Lenders want to see business owners with a great idea and the know-how to make it work. There are a dozen different ways to fail at getting approval for a loan, the trick is to ensure you know what those mistakes are so you can avoid them. If you can find a suitable loan option and get your finances in order, small business loans should be a piece of cake